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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my state certification credentials qualify me to become NRPP certified?

Individuals who are state certified in good standing within states that have equivalent programs to the NRPP may submit their state certifications in lieu of course and exam passage. However, NRPP certification fees are still assessed to cover administrative costs. Please contact the administrative offices for more information regarding your specific state.

How much does it cost to become certified with NRPP?

At this time, the fee for basic certifications - Residential Measurement Provider, Residential Mitigation Provider, and Analytical Laboratory - are $200.00 each for new applicants and $180.00 for renewals. Additional fees are assessed depending on the number and type of measurement devices submitted for certification.

I am certified as a measurement provider and just invested in a device to analyze on site. What do I have to do?

You may augment your measurement certification at any time to include devices by offering 'Standard and Analytical Services.' You will be assessed a fee on a prorated basis (calculated quarterly in conjunction with your basic measurement certification) when adding a device group. Each group of devices is $75.00 for a two-year certification, regardless of the number of devices within each group.

How do NRPP fees compare to the old EPA fees?

Even after 14 years, the AARST-NRPP fees are still lower than the original EPA fees.

NRPP's certification for radon measurement service providers is $200.00 ($180.00 for renewals) for a two-year period. The EPA listing fee was $110 for a one-year period. 

NRPP's certification for radon mitigation service providers is $200.00 ($180.00 for renewals) for a two-year period. The EPA listing fee was $210 for a one-year period. 

NRPP has made a distinction between individuals performing field measurements and analytical labs. A person may obtain a basic measurement provider credential and, for a fee of $75.00/per group of analytical device, augment the Measurement Certification to include devices, concurrent with basic measurement credential. Individuals were annually assessed $395 by the EPA for analyzing devices.

NRPP's certification for laboratories is $200.00 ($180.00 for renewals) for a two-year period and includes one device group, ($75 for each additional device group). Individuals were assessed $395 by the EPA for one year.

How long are certifications valid?

The basic certifications for Residential Measurement Providers, Residential Mitigation Providers, and Analytical Laboratories are for two years.

What are the continuing education requirements?

When you renew your certification you will be expected to show proof of having received continuing education credits during the previous two years. The requirements will depend upon your certification. Go to Renewal Information for more details.

Who offers continuing education courses?

To find a list of currently approved courses, go to: Continuing Education Courses.

What will the certification do for me? My state does not require NRPP certification.

Consumers have been historically skeptical of radon as a health concern, and perhaps even more skeptical of radon professionals. With the closure of the U.S. EPA's National Proficiency Program it is important that consumer confidence be enhanced by way of a respected association.

The National Environmental Health Association has a well-earned reputation of credentialing environmental health professionals since 1937. NEHA has been involved with the radon issue for a number of years, offering training in Radon Resistant New Construction to professionals around the country. NEHA currently has over 5,000 members in virtually all counties within the U.S. and are often local health officials. This network can assist in efforts of grassroots outreach and enhance the value of the credential on a local level. Combined with cooperative efforts from national real estate, home inspection, and building associations the NRPP will strengthen and grow. Once certified you will be listed on the Internet with a direct link to your email and/or homepage address; receive any newsletters; have the opportunity to participate in local committees and outreach efforts; be kept informed of educational programs and conferences; and be recognized as a professional!

What does my state require?

Some states have individual certification programs. Many states recognize the NRPP certification as a pre-requisite for certification. To find out specific requirements for your state, please contact your State Radon Office.

Will I have a voice in the program?

Since its formation, NRPP has relied upon the input of its certified professionals through the Policy Advisory Committee and many subcommitees.

What will NRPP do if the guy down the street is NRPP certified, but does terrible and dangerous work?

The NRPP Compliance Committee will review all complaints submitted in writing by either the aggrieved party or the State Radon Office NRPP is strongly committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism among the individuals it certifies, and will approach issues of misconduct issues both fairly and seriously.

Is there a NRPP logo?

You may use the logo in accordance with NRPP's policies. Please contact the -NRPP office for more information. You will need to provide your NRPP identification number for verification of certification. You will be sent, via e-mail, the logo and the guidelines for use of the logo.

Do the identification cards include a photo?

The standard identification cards do not include a photo. However, if you are a radon professional who either prefers or requires a photo ID, we have made this an option for a small additional fee.

Will I get a certificate, too?

Certificates are not issued on a routine basis. However, we do provide a wall certificate as an option, for a small additional fee.

What are the new tiers of certification I am hearing about?

An additional credential is under development for measurement professionals who conduct surveys in large buildings or multiple building complexes. The basic residential measurement credential will be one prerequisite for the new credential.

Additional credentials are under development for mitigation professionals who treat large buildings, such as schools and commercial buildings, and for those who plan to treat radon in water. The basic residential mitigation credential will be a prerequisite for the new credentials.

Where are courses available?

NRPP has approved course providers for delivery of entry-level courses. To obtain more information on training providers, go to: Entry Level Training Providers

Where are the exams offered?

Exams are offered by NRPP approved training providers and may also be available through your state radon program office. Exams are available in a computer based format through LaserGrade. To find a LaserGrade facility in your area, visit their web site, http://www.lasergrade.com. To schedule an exam, please call (800) 211-2754. The cost of the computer-based exam is $110.00. Please note that introductory training is required for measurement or mitigation certification, in addition to successfully passing the corresponding exam.

I understand that there is another organization that offers certification for radon service providers. Why is that?

When the U.S. EPA decided to terminate its radon proficiency program, it did not do so before a replacement program was in place. The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) underwent an in-depth process of soliciting input from many stakeholders including state government and industry, to determine how a replacement proficiency program should be structured. CRCPD developed specifications that were provided to organizations interested in piloting a "privatized" radon proficiency program. After careful review, the CRCPD review committee unanimously selected NEHA-NRPP as the organization whose proposal best fit the requirements of the pilot program. The NRPP is the same program as the orginal NEHA-NRPP and is now administered solely by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, Inc.

There is another organization that has chosen to move forward with an independent certification program. NRPP does not have any information in regard to that program.

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